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Why Are So Many Teens Getting Head Lice?

May 18, 2017

 It seems like more than ever teens are getting lice. Why? A simple explanation: group selfies.  What? Isn’t lice spread through sharing brushes and hats? Not so much. While you can get lice from sharing objects, it is estimated that more than 90% of lice is spread from head-to-head contact. And when are teens head-to-head? Slumber parties, long hugs, and, you guessed it, group selfies! Think about it: every time you and your friends go in to take a selfie, what do you do? You get as close to each other as possible so everyone can fit into the picture.  Your heads are next to each other too, making it easy for lice to grab on to your hair and make themselves right at home on your head. So, the next time you go in for a group selfie, ask yourself the question, “How close is my head to the head next to mine?" Remember, lice “heart” selfies too!


If you do get lice, relax, we’re here to help.  RN Lice Removal is a professional lice treatment service serving families in Salem, Oregon and surrounding areas. We come to your home and get rid of lice completely, same day. 



After years of helping people get lice-free I opened my own business, RN Lice Removal serving Salem, Oregon and surrounding areas, because no parent should have to go through all of the stress of lice alone.  RN Lice Removal comes to your home checks/treats the family and leaves you lice-free in about 2 hours.  Service comes with a Lice-Free Guarantee. Live outside the Greater-Salem area and dealing with lice?Get accurate DIY information about getting rid of lice from my global website at



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