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Ask the Lice Nurse-Frequently Asked Lice Questions

May 11, 2017

The most frequently asked questions I encounter in the business….




Can pets have lice?  Can I get lice from my pets?

No, head lice only live on humans.  Pets have their own set of bugs to worry about.


Do lice jump or fly?  How are they so contagious?

Head lice are extremely contagious, but not in the way that you’d think. Head lice don’t fly or jump, but they crawl really fast.  They are adapted perfectly to living on the human head.  They have little claws on their legs which make it easy for them to grip onto a strand of hair and hold on for dear life.  They are super contagious because they can move from head to head quickly whenever there is head to head contact.


Can you get head lice from a swimming pool?

The chances of that happening are almost obsolete.  Lice aren’t swimming around looking for another host.  When swimming lice stay put on the head and hold on, if one were to fall off the chances of it finding another head are extremely rare.


Do head lice spread diseases?

Head lice are pesky and annoying, but they do not spread any diseases.  Lice can cause itching and leave sores on the scalp that can become infected, but otherwise they don’t hurt you physically.  There is, however, a serious social stigma associated with lice.

Why is it so hard to get rid of lice these days?

Over the last 15 or so years lice have adapted and have become resistant to the over-the-counter treatments we used to use.  Now, that over-the-counter treatment stuff barely fazes them.  Too often people will use the over the counter treatment, nit-pick a little and think their done, only to find out that they have a major infestation within a couple of weeks.


How is Professional Treatment Better?

Using a service like RN Lice Removal gets you lice free all at once, removing all lice and eggs without using pesticides that don’t work.  Parents using over the counter treatments struggle because they are using the wrong products, the wrong tools, and the wrong technique.  Most parents struggle with lice for weeks to months. 


 After years of helping people get lice-free I opened my own business, RN Lice Removal serving Salem, Oregon and surrounding areas, because no parent should have to go through all of the stress of lice alone.  RN Lice Removal comes to your home checks/treats the family and leaves you lice-free in about 2 hours.  Service comes with a Lice-Free Guarantee. Live outside the Greater-Salem area and dealing with lice? Get accurate DIY information about getting rid of lice from my global website at

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