Professional lice treatment and nit removal by a Registered Nurse with a 100% lice-free guarantee.

By Appointment Mon-Sat.

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Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Average Costs:

Short (crew cut or pixie): $50

Shoulder length hair: $100

Mid-back length hair: $150

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(Treatment time may be more for length/thickness/texture of hair and those with lice for greater than 3 months.)

Lice Check:

(fee waived if treated at salon):

First head: $25

Each Additional Head: $10


Travel to your home:

(according to availability)

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Registered Nurse and Lice Expert

"I am the owner and operator of RN Lice Removal. I am a Registered Nurse with years of experience and a passion for helping people get rid of lice in one treatment.  When you call RN Lice Removal you will be talking to me, a Registered Nurse and Lice Expert.



The best way to contact me is via text at 503-749-5224

Message below for non-urgent needs

What people are saying...

Reviews for lice treatment and lice salon

Theresa at RN Lice Removal is AMAZING. TOTALLY worth the cost (which, BTW was very reasonable!). She was kind and helpful and informative and efficient. And knowing that we are lice free is such a relief! I HIGHLY recommend her! She was able to get us in quick and easy, treated both kids and did a free check for me and my husband. Seriously, if I could go back in time I would have called her right away!

-Jenni, mother of 2

What a life saver! Theresa came to our rescue with charm and grace and made an awkward situation feel almost like a spa treatment! With her science background she not only debugged our heads, but also the myths about head lice and cleaning treatments. Thank heavens for an angel of a woman who feels called to serve in this capacity!

-Janis, mother of 5

I fought with lice for nearly a year, every time I thought I got rid of it, it came back. I was finally at my wit's end and hired a professional. Theresa did an amazing job and we are completely lice free!  

-Brandi, mother of 2

OK, we are lice free thanks to the service of this amazing lady! Thank you RN Theresa! She turned a dreaded, horrifying and humbling experience into something easy and stress free! She comes to your house(same day!), checks your head(for lice not loose marbles) and gets your family lice free-- Guaranteed! If you or someone you know has been afflicted with lice, this is the treatment they need. She is meticulous, coaches you on how to get rid of lingering lice and educates you on the life of lice. Not a fun way to meet this neat lady but we are so grateful for her and blessed by her service!  

-Tina, mother or 2

We took my family in tonight to see Theresa. We were sure one child had lice, but she checks the family to make sure nobody else has it. Three out of the four of us had it. We were all treated and I left with peace of mind knowing that the lice is gone! She is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable, I really appreciated that. She spent the with us to make sure we knew how to check for lice after we leave the salon, she was very clear with instruction on what she wanted us to do. While we were there being treated we had wonderful conversation with her about family as well as her being a fountain of knowledge for us. She has a wonderful spirit about her, she's definitely a helper and really seemed like she wants to make people aware on the subject. Her price is very fair given the amount of time she spends on each person and how extremely thorough she is. She is also so tender with the children and I really appreciated that about her. Definitely recommend going to see her, plus who doesn't want peace of mind?  

-Misty, mother of 2

About Me

Hi, I'm Theresa, the owner of RN Lice Removal.   I am a Registered Nurse with 12 years of hospital experience.  Early in my career I learned that the traditional pesticide lice treatments are not only ineffective but are actually harmful.  Head lice is extremely difficult to get rid of and stressful!  Being a busy mother of four, I can relate to the anxiety of head lice.  Some parents are so desperate that they result to dangerous home lice treatments that have led to poisoning and suffocation of their children. I decided to create RN Lice Removal's lice salon so that children and adults in Salem can safely and quickly be lice-free and back to their normal lives. You can find my blog at  

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