Full Service
Lice Treatment

Price: $100/hr (in 15 min increments)

Full Service Lice Treatment includes:

  • 100% Lice-Free Guarantee

  • Professional lice treatment (pesticide-free).

  • Removal of all lice and nits (lice eggs).

  • Lice checks on everyone in the home.

  • In home cleaning instructions.

Treatment time varies depending on length/thickness of hair and severity of infestation.

Lice Checks

Price: $25 first check, $10 each additional person

Do you think you might have lice, but you aren't quite sure?  I do both a manual inspection and a thorough wet combing so you'll know for sure.

If your family is lice-free, great!  If it turns out you do have lice then I'm available to serve you, but there is no obligation.

Travel Costs and Travel Areas

If you'd prefer I come to you instead of coming to the salon I can do that.  All areas in Salem, Oregon (Salem/Keizer area) have a travel cost of $50.

I also serve surrounding areas including Dallas, Monmouth, Turner, Silverton, Aumsville, Stayton, McMinnville, Woodburn, Wilsonville, Albany, Corvallis.  Travel fees for areas outside of Salem, Oregon vary depending on distance and time of day. Travel times and availability are limited.


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